How to export all Views from a database

Friends don’t let friends use INFORMATION_SCHEMA, but…


DROP and CERATE All Views

This blog has become a notebook where I can write down queries that I will reuse later on.

Have you ever wanted to DROP and CREATE all constraints in your database?

…oh, of course you have.

Is the definition of cringe; can you picture yourself pressing F5 on the button while the whole…

One size doesn’t fit all

Dynamic Data Masking

I can now define myself as an expert in Dynamic Data Masking.

I’ve used all aspect of it and I know the good, the bad and the ugly:

The Good: Data Classification is highly automated, as long as you tune the Information Protection Policy JSON file

The Bad…


One day or another you arrive to the point where you have to mask your database.

You pass days discovering, classifying and masking and then you realize that the masking… cannot be exported to another database.

You cry boiling tears and you beg your manager to hire a slave intern in…

Francesco Mantovani

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